Sea Otter Aquarist Job Opening at Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is hiring a Sea Otter Aquarist, please check out this link for more details:;jsessionid=C3015BCD782C9F602722DD3CBAF26B3F?ajid=hcPC7

Please note that this is an upper-level, experienced position.


ea Otter Aquarist II 


The Sea Otter Aquarist II is responsible for performing all aspects of sea otter husbandry duties without direct supervision. Husbandry responsibilities include: daily care of sea otters, preparing and dispensing food, employing operant conditioning techniques for husbandry purposes, comprehensive record keeping, providing veterinary care (under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian) and when necessary, moving animals to holding areas. Other duties include cleaning and maintenance of otter exhibit areas, which includes 1-2 SCUBA dives per week and assisting with plant and invertebrate collections. In addition, since some of the sea otter feedings are public presentations, the employee will be required to interact with the visitors. The Sea Otter Aquarist II maintains all responsibilities and skills from the Sea Otter Aquarist position, and also has the knowledge and ability to act as a resource and sometimes supervise Sea Otter Aquarists, Assistant Sea Otter Aquarists and volunteers

Essential Functions:

  • Perform general husbandry functions associated with the exhibit sea otters without direct supervision
  • Acts as a resource to Assistant Sea Otter Aquarists and Sea Otter Aquarists
  • Employ training techniques in daily sea otter care to ensure good animal husbandry
  • Utilize behavioral and environmental enrichment techniques to promote animal well-being
  • Develop and practice a good working relationship with the exhibit sea otters that, at all times, ensures safe interactions between otters and all exhibit staff
  • Interface with aquarium visitors during the question and answer sessions following public feeding presentations
  • Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of sea otter exhibit including in-tank siphoning using SCUBA or surface-supplied air.  General cleaning and maintenance of quarantine, holding and exhibit surface areas
  • Assist in the veterinary care and clinical treatment of exhibit sea otters, under the supervision of the designated, licensed veterinarian.
  • Diet preparation and animal feeding
  • Assist in the collection of marine animals and plans, which may involve use of SCUBA.
  • Performs the duties of an Assistant Sea Otter Aquarist and Sea Otter Aquarist as necessary

Other Functions:

  • Work closely with Visitor Programs to present accurate and informative sea otter information during public presentations
  • Participate in other aquarium special projects, work groups and committee as required
  • Respond to request for information and/or interviews for Marketing, Education or other Divisions as required
  • Interface with Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) program staff to promote information flow and better animal care
  • Assist with care of SORAC sea otters as necessary
  • Assist with behavioral conditioning of other aquarium animals
  • Other aquarium duties as required

Required Knowledge/Experience:

  • Bachelor degree in Biology preferred or equivalent experience
  • Minimum two years’ experience as an Aquarist I or equivalent experience
  • Maintain proficiency from Sea Otter Aquarist level
  • Experience with marine or terrestrial animals in an aquarium or zoological facility preferred
  • Knowledge and use of operant conditioning required
  • Good verbal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the marine flora and fauna of the Central California Coast desirable
  • Knowledge of computers desirable
  • SCUBA certification mandatory or permanent job acceptance contingent upon certification
  • Valid California driver’s license
Job Details

Reference # 11671
Posted on Oct 4, 2013
Location(s) Monterey Bay
Expertise Marine Mammal, Husbandry
Work type(s) Term, Full Time
Job level(s) Experienced
More details (document)



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