Job Opportunity: AquaLife Live Seafood Transport – FT Marine Biologist

Job Description – Full-time Marine Biologist

Aqualife specializes in the transport of live seafood via ocean-going containers. With the arrival of a fresh product, maximum sale value can be obtained by importers, wholesalers, distributors and retail markets.

Successful transportation of live seafood is defined by the health of the animal transported. If the animal is dead, weak or otherwise in a poor state as determined by sensory examination (smell, taste, appearance), the value of delivering it live is lost.

The main goal of the resident marine biologist is to determine:

  • What preparations in terms of water treatment, handling, depuration, etc. are needed for each particular species at origin and destination needed to transport?

  • How long can each particular species survive in a given condition?

  • What is the optimal temperature of the water needed to enable the species to enter a state of reduced metabolism?

  • What is the maximum biomass each particular species can be loaded into each basket, each tank, each container?

  • What is the most effective temperature pull-down rate for each particular species?

    Before we commence the transportation of any species, we must first perform a series of tests to determine the optimal conditions within which the species will survive. The tests are normally performed at the suppliers/producers site in one of our containers.

    These tests include:

  • Establishing base-level readings on the water and animal condition

  • Sampling of water on a daily or regular basis and measuring levels of salinity, NH3, temperature, oxygen saturation

  • The drafting of protocol and setting up the test environment with the assistance of a technician

  • Post-test analysis of water and animals including post-mortem autopsies to determine cause of mortality

  • Working with the producers/suppliers to determine what the best method is for transporting

    each species

This position will be serviceable on a global basis and the candidate need to be available to travel often. Current theater of operations and testing include Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

The salary will depend upon experience and qualifications.


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