SAFS EcoLunch Seminar Series: Mondays 12:30-1:30 PM FSH 203

Apr 7: Frieda B. Taub (Taub Lab)

“Community Metabolism: will measuring whole ecosystems demonstrate properties not obvious from summing subsystems?”


April 14: John Piatt (USGS Alaska Science Center)

TBD (about stealing food from baby puffins)


April 28: Jason Toft (Wetland Ecosystem Team)

“Urban restoration in Puget Sound.”


May 5: Troy Guy (Melvin Lab/ Washington Sea Grant)

“Overlap of North Pacific albatrosses with the U.S. west coast groundfish and shrimp fisheries”


May 12: Thomas Pool (Holtgrieve Lab)

“A regional assessment of the changing biological and social landscape of the Tonlé Sap Lake Basin, Cambodia.”


May 19 : Donna Hauser (SAFS, Laidre Lab), Kirsten Feifel, Elizabeth Tobin, Vega Shah (Oceanography)

“Patterns and processes of ocean change across physical and biological marine systems.”


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