Volunteer Opportunity: Become a Whale Scout

Become a Whale Scout Volunteer!

What we do: We talk to people about the whales we are watching, sharing our enthusiasm and expertise about the threats they face and how to help recover populations. We also encourage participation in “Whale Scout Helpin’ Out’ events which are centered on salmon-habitat restoration projects.

Where: On local beaches throughout Puget Sound. Simply head to your local beach when the whales swim by!

When: On your own schedule … And of course on the whales’ schedules! When the whales are in your neck of the woods and you are available, head out to work as a Whale Scout volunteer!

Why: Our resident orca population is an iconic species loved by many, but they are also in danger of becoming extinct. Watching whales from shore with an expert is environmentally responsible and a great way to inspire others to help protect them. Our goal is to turn ‘whale lovers’ into ‘salmon lovers’, teaching the significance of the land-sea connection in terms of salmon, or orca food.

Who: Anyone who feels comfortable teaching others about whales! We encourage those who are a member of SSAMN (Salish Sea Association of Marine Naturalists) to sign up, or those who have attended The Whale Museum’s Marine Naturalist Training course. While this course is a great program, it is not required to become a Whale Scout volunteer!

How: Sign up to attend the volunteer orientation by emailing your name(s) to info@whalescout.org today!

Date: Sept 20th

Time: 1 pm

Location: Whale Scout Headquarters in Bothell,Wa

Cost: FREE!

Register by emailing info@whalescout.org with the number of people planning to attend and their names to reserve your spots!

Please visit our website for more information, plus news, audio podcasts and more!



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