Seabird Reseach Opportunity!

Cool way to get involved with seabird research & earn a free Discover Pass! Email Jane Dolliver:

Looking for experience before graduation? Here’s your chance! Volunteer your time during the month of September (at least 9 hours weekly) for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (WDFW’s) Western High Arctic Brant Project.

Project Importance:
Each year, WDFW conducts an aerial survey of Fidalgo, Padilla, and Samish Bays to estimate the Brant population and determine if a harvest should occur. Bays in Skagit and Whatcom counties are one of very few migratory stopovers for the Western High Arctic Brant population.

How students will contribute:
-review photos to determine bird presence/absence
-calculate aerial survey coverage using altimeter video
-assess photos using imageJ software

What students receive:
-after 24 hours of service, a free discover pass (
-work experience with a state agency
-professional references

For more information on Western High Arctic Brant, visit:

To get involved:
email Jane Dolliver: with a statement of interest, your background, and your availability in September.


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