Submarine Tour Opportunity

Brendan Tower, a navy submarine officer, is offering this unique opportunity to tour a submarine and learn about their the navy’s nuclear program:

From Brendan:

Interested in using your degree, but outside the confines of a cubicle?  Do you desire advanced education opportunities, including paid graduate school?  Perhaps the outlook of paying student loans for the first 10 years after graduation seems daunting.

I am Brendan Tower, a 2007 UW EE alumnus and Navy Submarine Officer.  I direct operations on a multi-billion dollar submersible nuclear reactor, loaded with advanced technology.  My job is to know how everything works and to lead its operation. I am writing you today to extend a rare invitation to tour one of our Ohio Class submarines. The US Navy’s Ohio Class Submarines are 560ft long, they displace 18,750 tonnes, and are jammed pack with advanced technology, and I would love to take you on a tour of one of these warships and teach you more about our program.

We have scholarships available where you can earn over $100,000 before graduation, and a job guarantee after graduation in a highly challenging and rewarding field while earning more than 95% of your peers.

The date of the tour is November 13th. Please feel free to respond if interested or if you have any questions.


Brendan Tower

(206) 327-2487


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