Telephone Scammers Targeting UW Community

Please see the telephone scam warning below, and DON’T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE.

UW employees and students have been receiving phone calls from individuals impersonating police officers who demand money (in payment for vaguely described fees) and threaten a warrant or arrest for nonpayment.

The callers are quite aggressive in their harassment, and may call more than once.

The UW police have confirmed that many of those who work at the University of Washington are being targeted by telephone scammers (most likely using the UW Directory to identify numbers).  In addition to the callers posing as police officers or sheriffs, scammers may also pose as members of the IRS using similar threatening tactics.

The UW police advise (and this is if you actually get the call, not a voicemail message):

—If you are able to identify a phone number, write it down.
—Ask the person for a name and (if posing as a police officer) a badge number.
—Tell the caller that you know that this is a scam phone call and you are writing down as much info as you are able to extract in order to notify the appropriate authorities.
—Call the representative office (for example, King County Sheriff’s Office, UW Police Department, IRS) immediately after the phone call and report the fraudulent call.

Additionally, the scammers appear to be calling from a number that identifies as Seattle PD (which can be easily faked).

Again, if you or anyone you know has received a phone call like this recently, please report it to the UWPD at 1-800-366-4484 (who are aware that this is happening and are actively investigating).

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