Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge – Deadline Dec. 14

$45K Prototype Funding – Deadline 12/14/14Apply Here
Student teams are invited to apply for funding to build prototypes for the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. Funds can be used to purchase materials, safety gear, rent equipment, or hire work beyond the team’s capacity.

About the Environmental Innovation Challenge
Innovative engineers, scientist and entrepreneurial students are solving the world’s environmental problems. If you have a passion for innovation and sustainability and the desire to make an im­pact, this Challenge is for you. In the EIC, interdisciplinary student teams define an en­vironmental problem, design a solution, produce a prototype, and create a business summary that demonstrates the market potential of their product, process, or service.
What’s Eligible?

Any product, process or service that reduces waste, minimizes en­ergy consumption, and contributes to a healthier planet. Re-use, recycling, water usage, energy generation, green consumer prod­ucts, and nanotechnology – all are ripe for innovation.

The Rules:

  • Teams that receive funding agree to participate in the EIC on April 2, 2015.  If you drop out, all funds must be returned to The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship.

Prototype application:

  • The prototype applicant must be from a Washington State school however teams may consist of students from multiple schools in the Pacific NW. Looking for a team or teammates? Do you have specific skills/or looking for specific skills? Post  on the Team Formation page:

Next Up:  Early Team Registration – January 24February 1

Learn More:
Visit or

Feel free to contact Pam Tufts with questions!

Pam Tufts | Assistant Director
Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship

Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge

UW Foster School of Business, Dempsey Hall 227


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