Grant Opportunity: Alpine Research Funding

It's not marine biology - but for all of you climbers out there  - check this out!
The Mazamas, a 3,000-member Oregon mountaineering organization headquartered in Portland OR, is soliciting 
research grant proposals from scientists and their graduate or undergraduate students.  Our organization supports 
research projects in keeping with the Mazamas’ goals of conserving and increasing the understanding of mountain 
environments, and enhancing the enjoyment and safety of mountain recreation. The Committee evaluates each 
proposal and awards grants to selected applicants in the spring of each year. Graduate/Undergraduate Student 
Research Grants are up to $2,000, and Standard Research Grants (typically awarded to university faculty members) 
can be up to $3,500, from a total amount available this year of approximately $15,000. In addition to providing 
funding for selected proposals, the Mazamas sometimes may be able to provide collaborative or logistical support 
for certain research projects. The Publications Committee may edit and publish the final report of each grantee’s 
research in the Mazamas Annual Journal.The Research Committee must receive grant applications by the 
deadlines listed on the web link below (Jan 30th, 2015, for Standard Research Grants; Feb 6th, 2015, for 
Graduate/Undergraduate Student Research Grants).
In 2014, we awarded funding to 7 researchers (out of a total of 22 proposals received). 
Your proposal will garner particular attention if it addresses issues that are local to the Pacific Northwest 
(primarily OR and WA), has clear connection to climbing and transfer-value to Pacific Northwest climbing, 
or is in another way related to Mazamas goals. We particularly encourage proposals that examine the 
changing alpine environment--its causes and consequences. Proposals other than those described above 
generally are discouraged, although you should feel free to contact the Mazamas if you have a different 
concept that you think might be appropriate for submission. The Mazamas does occasionally fund special 
research projects that fall outside of our standard guidelines. To see our grant application procedure and 
for additional information, please visit this link:
This link also will show you the grants we have awarded in the past several years.
For more information, please contact the Mazamas Research Committee:
Mazamas 527 SE 43rd Avenue, Portland, OR  97215
Business Hours: Mon-Th 11:00am - 7:00pm, Fri 10:00am - 2:00pm
Phone:     503-227-2345

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