Oceanography Summer Study Abroad in Micronesia – Accepting Applications for 2015

This course can be used to satisfy the Oceanography elective for your marine biology minor! Hope that many of you will apply!!

Registration is now open to the Oceanography summer study abroad program in Micronesia!  Apply online at:
This program will take place in Kosrae, Micronesia, from August 22-September 14, 2015.  The class is focused on coastal ecosystems in a changing climate, and will provide students with first hand field experience studying coral reefs, mangrove forests, estuaries, sea grass and the ways that human activities are affecting those ecosystems.  Some foundation in the natural sciences is useful, but students from a wide range of backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply.  More information is available at:

http://studyabroad.washington.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=11114 .

Please contact Dax Soule (daxsoule@u.wasington.edu) or Marta Wolfshorndl (martaw@uw.edu) with any additional questions about the course.


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