Research: Tuskegee University Integrative Biosciences Research Experience for Undergraduates

Tuskegee University Integrative Biosciences Research Experience for Undergraduates

Application for the 2015 Summer IBS REU program are currently  being accepted which will be held May 25-July 31, 2015. Application deadline is March 1.

The Tuskegee University Integrative Biosciences Research Experiences for Undergraduates (IBS-REU) site provides a research program for undergraduates. The program was initiated in Summer 2009 as a result of funding by the National Science Foundation. Since its inception, over 40 undergraduate students from across the country have participated in this ten-week research program in the area of integrative biosciences.

Tuskegee University IBS-REU site offers undergraduates (rising juniors and seniors in the STEM majors, but particularly in Biology, Chemistry, Animal Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences, Agricultural Economics, and other bioscience majors) a novel approach to conduct research by integrating multiple areas in the biosciences. We define “integrative biosciences” research as any research where the continued integration of two or more science disciplines is requisite, for example, determining the consequences of genetically-modified sweetpotato (Plant Genomics, Plant Sciences) on soil microbial biodiversity (Soil Science, Soil Microbiology, Genetics).

Tuskegee University is located in Tuskegee, Alabama, which is 40 miles east of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama, and 20 miles west of the city of Auburn, Alabama. It is also within easy driving distance to the cities of Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. Tuskegee is an Historical Black College and University and an 1890 land-grant institution that enrolls more than 3,000 students and employs approximately 900 faculty and support personnel.



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