Sea Life Park Hawaii Internship Program

Sea Life Park Hawaii Internship Program
41-202 Kalanianaole Highway
Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795

Sea Life Park Hawaii Internship Program
Sea Life Park Hawai’i offers several types of un-paid internships.

Photo & Video Experience
Interns will gain experience operating both photo and DVD equipment to produce images of guests during their interactive programs and luaus. Interns will capture photos and videos of guests with dolphins, sea lions, sting rays, and even sharks! Interns will have the opportunity to be trained from an experienced team while learning how to edit photos, videos, and maintain equipment.
Aloha Experience
These interns will get to work primarily with dolphins. Aloha Interns have the opportunity to assist with dolphin training, husbandry, interactive programs, and observe some of our younger dolphins learning new behaviors.

Cove Experience
Cove Interns will work with dolphins and sea lions involved in our shows, exhibits, and interactive programs.
Hawaiian Experience
Interns in the Hawaiian Experience get to assist with husbandry, training, and shows involving our dolphins, sea lions, and penguins. Interns may also assist with basic husbandry of our Monk Seals and help trainers during our sea lion interactive program.
Educator Experience
These interns will work with our in-house and outreach education programs.
Reef Life Experience
These interns will work with sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, and reef fish in our exhibits and interactive programs.

Veterinary Technician Experience
Applicants must have some previous veterinary technician experience.
Interns will work with a large variety of marine mammals, as well as penguins, sea turtles, reef fish, and seabirds.
Wings Experience
Interns work with a large variety of healthy and rehabilitating seabirds.

Description: Sea Life Park’s Marine Animal training Internship is designed to be a career learning experience. Intern will gain firsthand experience in data collections, food preparation, and marine animal husbandry. Where appropriate, an intern may take part in interactions with cetaceans, pinnipeds, and various other types of animals within the park. Intern will work within the departments to gain in-depth knowledge of animals training through a unique phase training program. This allows the individual to familiarize themselves with the training techniques and terminology used at Sea Life Park Hawaii. Interns may have the ability to complete an environmental enrichment device as present their project at the end of the internship. All of the animals related internships require intern to participate in food preparation for the animals of the park-applicant must be comfortable working with frozen fish. Intern must also dedicate a minimum of 40 hours per week, attend required monthly seminars, training courses and fish preparation as well as complete a three-phase training program.



• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Be enrolled in or recently graduated from a University or College.
• Commit to the full internship date period.
• Be able to financially support themselves (internships are unpaid, but lunches are included daily).
• Have strong swimming skills and physically able to work in in-water interactive programs.
• Be comfortable with public speaking.
• Be able to lift 50lbs
• Be available for a phone interview


• Be comfortable handling dead fish.
• Attend all required seminars and training courses.
• Commit a minimum of 40 hours per week (including nights and weekends).
• Submit to random drug tests.
• International Applicants must be able to obtain the correct Visa in time for the start of the program. Sea Life Park is NOT a sponsor. It is the responsibility of the applicant to find a sponsor.


– Application packets must include:
o Application
o 2 Letters of recommendation
o College transcript(s) – An…


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